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Texas Resident License


Range Qualification • Written Test • Finger Printing Hassles

DUI's, Delinquent Child Support and Taxes Owed will keep you from getting a Texas license.

Florida Non-Resident License

4 hour class • No written test • No renewal classes ever • No range qualification

Finger Printing done in class • Seven year license • Good in Texas and 32 other states

DUI's, Delinquent Child Support and Taxes Owed are not an issue with Florida

You can carry any legal handgun

You do not have to be a Florida Resident to obtain this license You can get both licenses. It will require taking the test and range qualifications. We teach the Texas class for the Florida license, since we are in Texas. Call for details

Services and Private Classes

We offer you the following services: 1) Texas Concealed hand gun license 2) The Florida Concealed hand gun license 3) NRA certified pistol safety class For a schedule of any of these classes and locations or if you would ike to schedule a class* in your Town, Home or office call us at  our corporate office 817-247-8633 *Private classes are available in your home or office. Must be a non-smoking environment. A minimum number of people is required for a class depending upon your location from Springtown, TX.  

Class Locations

Reservations Required

  Classes are held at the Stubborn Mule Ranch, and other convenient locations. The Stubborn Mule Ranch is located at: 465 County Road 3579 Paradise, TX 76073 Other locations include: Tater Junction 407 Hwy 114 E Boyd, TX 76078 6pm on the 3rd Tuesday each month